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Floating plants will help clear up murky water and green-algae water. They do this by removing nitrates and phosphates from the water, which are nutrients that promote algae growth. It is very important to maintain a balanced pH level, if your pH level is high, floating plants will NOT survive, but the algae will. To learn more about pH, click here. It is recommended to cover the surface area of a pond anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 full with plants. Water lilies and floating plants are ideal for providing coverage.

Containing floating plants can be a task if you have a skimmer box on your pond. We have come up with a simple solution to quarantine them. Simply tie fishing line to a piece of edge rock, or something sturdy, and tie the end to something likewise on the opposite side of the pond. They can also be anchored in place by using fishing line.

Most sothern states do not allow floating plants to be purchased due to their invasive nature if they were to make it into public waters (Winter will not kill them off like northern states).